Monday, October 26, 2009

Very sadly, Jiffy needed to find a home with another goose. We are brokenhearted about this.. but in our small area, he was just too loud and we didn't want to be a nuisance to our neighbors. We have to remain on good terms with them! Jiffy needed to be with other geese.. All geese need to have at least one other goose for them to be friends with. So, because we were unprepared for Jiffy to live with us by having another goose for him~he was a lonely boy! He has a home now with a lot of other ducks and another goose. We miss him!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Here we are ..

My absolute favorite time of year! It's fall here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I would like to welcome you to our "accidental farm"~ Bearfoot Hollow, were our Guard Goose Jiffy watches over our little flock of Bearded Partridge Silkies, Seramas, Cochins and a couple pet Polish and our new little blue egg layer Susan. She is an Araucana hen. We also are working on developing our flock of Butterscotch Call ducks. Okay, so we only have two and they are brother and sister, so we are looking for a nice small drake for Daisy and her sister who lives with our friend Cindy.
We also have two twin sister Nigerian Dwarf goaties~Wren and Raven, with whom we will eventually try our hand at goat's milk cheese and soaps.. we are not set up yet for cute little goat babies though! So, welcome and please
be patient as this blog builds, but I hope you enjoy your visit to our little farm.

Here is Juliette, one of our Serama's.