Saturday, May 22, 2010


The Three Amigos are getting their big bird feathers in...
lookin a little scruffy! But o-so-cute!

One of the Trio

Cleo and her three... you can't see the other little one, but I sure
like when they peek out from under her like this!

ok, not officially a 'baby' picture, but one that is in proDUCKtion!
This is Diane, sitting on a clutch of 7.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I like crows!

I do! We have a family of hawks that live very close to our house, there's THREE of 'em. Always on the hunt for something yummy. I worry that my chickens and ducks look like take out to them. We also have a whole mess a' crows that live around the house (what do you call a huge flock of crows..a murder? ew, creepy) This family is closer to the yard than the hawks. Boy, can those crows make a racket too-drove me crazy for a while until I noticed they make really great watch-crows .. against HAWKS! Every time one of the enemy flies over checkin' out the menu--in soars those crows. Yay for noisy crows! Chase the hawks right out of the area.

Mind you~I like hawks too, just not flying over MY yard. ;)