Friday, May 20, 2011

Still Here :)

I know it's been 'awhile' since I have updated the blog!

With the longer days and a little nicer weather, I have been trying to catch up on things outside. Nasty weather brings me back in and I try to catch up on things inside! It's never ending ;) That has left little time for quality time with my computer.

Going on around here:
In the Garden~
Potatoes are coming up nicely..they seem to be happy in the Tater Corrals. Guess we will truly know when we see how many potatoes are produced. The leaves look great so far. There are baby lettuces coming up - finally. I had to replant them, I planted the seed too deep the first time, and then didn't keep the top of the soil moist enough often enough. They were displeased and died. Picky seeds. I met up with my friend Arial and she gave me some really great starts for the garden--tomatoes, zukes, a fancy cuke and some other goodies too, it will be fun to get those in the ground.

In the Yard~
Jack stopped by and helped out our bee hives. They suffered over the winter. It appears the hives were affected by Colony Collapse as they both had a lot of honey in them. Not sure though. Jack said that he hasn't ever seen it before in his own hives-which also emptied over the winter at his house. Remember he is like 97 and has been keeping bees for a looong time.
The flower beds are waking up, and the yard smells like heaven! We have all sorts of Daphne's and fragrant Azaleas... yum. Wish you could smell it, it's definitely Spring. The Swallows are here too, we cleaned out their nest and in they zoomed. I also moved the 6 baby ducks out into their Outside House.. they are actually not ducks, but small pigs with feathers. I couldn't stand them in the inside brooder for one more second! They are in a nice hutch up off the ground for now. I also picked up a nice Butterscotch drake from Arial, I totally can't wait to get him into the breeding pens. :) Arial has some nice calls.

In the House~
The cochin and serama babies are doing great... getting in their big bird feathers. This is probably my favorite stage with them, they are so funny and gawky looking.. then *poof* one day you wake up to see them all looking like miniature chickens, with all their nice feathers. They will be ready to go into an outside hutch soon too, with the nicer weather. Yay, no more brooders, no more chick dust! ;) Arial ALSO gave me some call eggs, so those are cookin' in the incubator. They are due early June.

In General~
I have been selling some eggs and chicks here and there, and I have to say I have met some of the nicest people. :) Thank you guys.. I look forward to keeping in touch with ya, and learning how your own hatches are going.

Y'all have a nice day now! I am off to meet up with an acquaintance and her daughter in Leavenworth for a Serama Chick Drop.. Taking my son and his girlfriend. It should be fun!