Thursday, October 28, 2010

***Happy Halloween***

Despite the rain, we are getting some fabulous Fall colors happening. And I hear there is already snow up in the mountains, and the ski areas are preparing for a great year ~yay~
Hope this Season finds you all warm and cozy!

Here is Tiger.... She wishes you all a Spooktacular Halloween weekend

And Artemis wishes you Happy Hauntings with your friends and family.....

...Falling Fall leaves...

The blueberries always turn such a brilliant color

The dogwoods are looking a little more wintery as well, beginning to live up to their name ~ Red Twig ~

Garden Bug n Slug Patrol is out and busy

Lil baby garlics coming up--these are my favorite variety ~ Inchelium ~

A few weeks ago, I made these silly little cloches, I have never grown lettuce thru the winter, and I thought we should give it a try, so don't laugh too hard because....

...just LOOK at these lettuces!!! :D

Garden Bug n Slug Patrol figures they have worked hard and deserve some delicate lettuce for snack! (No Way!) ;)

Take care, have a safe Halloween!