Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

and too busy to post much lately!
We have had two batches of chickies hatch over the last weekend. 3 Seramas from CeeCee and Romeo--hatched under one of our wonderful Silkies--I love those hens! And two beautiful Mille Fleur Cochins hatched under Hedwig, our Frizzle cochin girl. This is her first hatch and so far she is being a great mom.
**Update on the little Serama babies--none of them made it. Not sure why, but I don't think they were eating or drinking properly, and I didn't catch it in time, as they hatched during my work week. Leave before dark and get home after dark, it's hard to keep an eye on chicks under hens. :( **
A lot of the chickens are molting right now too--The King of the Yard ~ Sir ~ has NO tail, he looks ridiculous, but is still managing to maintain his regal air. In all of his miniaturness. ;) (one of the Hoodlums beat the tar out of him a few days before this picture, so he is a little beat up about his face.. :( The Hoodlums are gone now..)

Blueberries are almost done. And would you believe we are JUST getting our first batch of Strawberries?? Isn't that CRAZY? It's been such a colder than normal Summer. :(

Well, look for pictures shortly. I'll try to stay on top of that!