Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on some happenins happenin' around here...

Well, we have 3 new baby white cochins ~ 2 with a silkie mama, and one with a serama mama..(haha, is your mama a serama?). I am really happy to have them, as I won't be able to get any more where they came from. These little cuties came from Potter and Hedwig--and Potter had to go live on another farm--I want to concentrate on Seramas and Mille Fleur Cochins.. You can only have SO many roosters! Since White Cochins show well, I thought it would be nice to have some around for Cam. As you may remember, Hedwig is a frizzle cochin, and Potter has smooth feathers, so chances are good that maybe one of the babies will be frizzled. :)
I also had bought some eggs from a breeder of Mille Fleur cochins -- Wingshadows Hacienda -- who has GORGEOUS birds. Well, my inexperience got the best of me and I lost all but one egg, and that one hatched JUST today. I am really happy to have this little chick, I love the Mille Fleur coloring, I can't wait to pick up a few more cochins in this pattern! There are quite a few people working on this coloring, so there are some very beautiful cochins out there.

Also, Diane's eggs look to be ready to hatch Very Soon. I had calculated them to start hatching early this week, got worried because there has been NOTHING happening.. no pips .. NUTHIN'! I took advantage of her bath time and quickly candled a coupla eggs, and guess what? There's stuff movin' around in them. Yay!

I will post pictures of the new batch of babies soon, promise!

The garden is doing surprisingly well this year, even with all the rain we have been getting. Well, I guess because mostly what I have growing right now is lettuces, spinach, peas.. all of which love this weather.. But, hey, it makes my green thumb feel pretty successful! lol! Hopefully we will get some sun soon to make the REST of the garden happy!

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