Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some of the babies all grown up..

The Hoodlums... the first batch of Seramas from the Romeo/Cleo pairing.. They are all roosters.. *sigh* They are all available as of NOW! ;)

Here are the Cochin babies--two frizzles (one is a roo, and I am not keeping him either) and the one 'regular' feathered pullet.

Here's a nice picture of the girls..

AAAAAaaand... Our new frizzle Serama from my friend Cindy. We are calling her Calypso, and she is paired right now with Romeo.. and CeeCee is in the same pen as well.. We should have some fun feathers coming from those three :)


  1. i love your chickens ..when we visit my mom I think im going to look for a place in a town nearby (morgan hill) that should have a few people who breed diff types of chickens ...must find one that can tell me girl or boy though :0)

  2. How far are you from Warner Springs?? I would have to look on a map to see even where it is, but the lady I got my new cochins from -Albert and Marie- you might contact her if she is near you at all.. very nice breeder of very nice chickens :) here is her website(under construction, but has her contact info) :):)