Thursday, September 30, 2010

Puyallup Fair 2010

Bright and Early Thursday morning we drop off our poultry for the Junior Poultry Exposition....

Settle in the chickens

and the ducks...

Return a little later Thursday evening for Birdsmanship--cleaning the barn and feeding the poultry.

The boys work hard doing the fair chores..whilst I go work hard at enjoying the fair exhibits..I love the Ag barn :)


When the boys are done in the Poultry Barn.. we visit the Midway to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells (cotton candy anyone?) of The Fair.

Early Saturday morning brings Showmanship

and some quality afternoon time with my son..

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**I took all of these pictures with my iPhone and edited them using some really fun apps-- Tilt/Shift Generator, Photoshop Express and Hipstamatic.. no advertising here, but if you have an iPhone and like to take pictures, these are REALLY fun to play with!! :)**


  1. The hipstamatic prints of the ferris wheel are EPIC! I love them!

  2. I use my camera phone almost all the time now.. because I love the apps that I can play with on it!! :) soo fun