Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Story of a Crow and some other pictures...

Can you spot the Crow? I had just thrown some especially delicious kitchen scraps out to the ducks and chickens.. and Mr Crow could hardly stand it. He was flying from roof-top to tree to fence post and back and forth, desperately trying to figure a way into the yard....

Unfortunately for him, we have the Redneck ChickenYard Force Field fully in place. Everyone got to eat their snack in peace. I don't mind the crows, as I have mentioned before, they do a great job chasing the hawks out of the area. (which is what the Force Field's real purpose is for, to keep the hawks OUT of the yard.)

A little spot of Sun in a Pot.

Wren doing that weird goat thing... Twisting her head all the way around, Owl-like.

Miss Molly looking regal.

A nice day for bee working. This is when Jack restocked the hive.

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