Tuesday, June 12, 2012


There have been a lot of changes in the face of what I consider 'farming' in my life.

First of all.. this year.. no Garden.  My 'farmin' has downsized to a few strawberry plants in pots.. a coupla blueberry bushes in the cozy back yard of my little cottage in town.  I didn't put in a garden at all, although I DO have two nice raised beds.  My schedule and life right now just wouldn't allow for good care.  Growing things is important to me, and I have satisfied that need by planting easy to care for flowers and hanging baskets.   I do still have my ducks and chickens, no longer the goats.  They have an EXCELLENT new home and I am very happy of where they went. :)
As far as the ducks and chickens ~ I am still raising, breeding, showing Bantam White Cochins, Serama, and Butterscotch Calls....  Hope to see ya at the Fall fairs and shows :)

Things will even out again, in this crazy messed up adventure of life.


  1. No garden here this year, either - wouldn't you know we aren't gardening the year we get wonderful gardening weather?

    Sometimes you just need to re-prioritize for awhile; hope things are well with you and yours.

  2. Hi Kim! Nice to hear from you ~ Everything is great, just 'changed' ;) I also hope things are good with you guys Busy Mamma!