Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Brisk 2009

Cameron attended his 2nd "real" show over the weekend of December 12th and 13th. We drove to Centralia early Saturday morning to show our peeps at the Holiday Brisk. But FIRST you must make your chickens beautiful (well, okay, they are already beautiful, but they most for sure need to be cleaned up! lol). As you can see they don't mind much-- Potter actually fell asleep while Cameron was blow drying him.

Hedwig having a Peep Pedicure--she is soaking her cochin feathers in bluing--to make them whiter, and not dirt colored...

Juliette is Camerons Fit and Show hen--she is a Serama, and is always very relaxed.

Cameron thinking hard about something the judge has just asked him...

Susan got Best in Variety--she is a Silver Duckwing Aracauna-- she also lays blue eggs for us.

Here is CocoPuff--a Partridge Silkie

A row of beautiful white Cochin Hens

and here is Potter--all white and fluffy and awake!

So, all in all, Cameron didn't bring home any big rewards or ribbons this go around, but every time he comes away with knowing "just a little more..." and gains more confidence each show...
(plus it's relaxing for mom!)

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