Thursday, December 10, 2009

Silly me!

I thought 25 degrees was cold! It's been much colder the past few days--10 and 12 degrees..

Hauling water out to everyone a couple times a day, heat lamp in the henhouse.... Their water has STILL been freezing overnight in there. Next project: insulate that baby! So far everyone seems to be staying pretty healthy. Got LOTS of shavings and straw in there so they can nestle down in it... Although, I noticed Sir and Potter might have small frost-bite injuries on their combs, which (I think) has actually occurred during the day! I have been putting bag balm on them, hope that helps. The only ones who don't seem to really mind the cold are the ducks--they don't really seem to mind about much. Just want water to dunk their heads in and food. They huddle down onto their feet to keep them warm--looks cute. Will head to the Feed Store later this morning to get some nice alfalfa for the goaties too-- must maintain that fluffy physique!

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