Sunday, December 19, 2010

random winter wanderings in the yard

a little cedar is tasty


fluff ball or How To Stay Warm

size difference. Juliette (a Serama) and Black Bird (a non-typy Araucana)

more size difference... Voltron the Serama rooster and Big Bird, a Standard Light Brown Leghorn.

Gnu-our newest Butterscotch drake.

keeping the webs warm

Amaranth-- one of our Hobbits. ;) We have two hens like this, they are a MFC/Araucana cross and very interesting looking.

This is Mirabelle, the other Hobbit. (notice the cobby cochin body and furry feet and Araucana 'look'. cute.

Goat bliss. (itching the sweet spot--on the chest)

weird frozen ice formations.


  1. It's nice to meet your critters! Are the hens you are referring to as "hobits" really called a hobit or just a nickname for being a crossbreed? I like it! I have a few hobits myself, cochin and americauna.

  2. Good morning Shar! :) Yeh, The Hobbits are just a nickname. Furry footed little barnyard specials. They are adorable! Don't you think that cochin cross makes the best chicken ever? lol!