Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Meet Sir, our little Flock Master and King of the Yard. (he is a Serama, so he is small and mighty) He does a splendid job taking care of his ladies. He proved just how observant he is just the other day.
I have two 4 month old cochin pullets out in the main yard right now.. One of them "Quinn" was not immediately apparent at bed time. She had done this before several weeks ago, and popped out of the hen house in the morning. I figured she had tucked up under one of the older hens for extra warmth and in the low light of the house I just missed seeing her. Well, THIS TIME she was a no-show in the morning and I thought... "oooh noo, she is actually 'gone'. " So, I kind of looked around for feathers or other evidence that something had happened. Finding none ~~ I didn't know really what to think. She is too young to go broody--like Black Bird did--a definite case of bird-napping I thought. Meantime, Sir is out in the yard making his alarm call pretty much non-stop, hopping in and out of the hen house, not letting ANY of his hens into the house, calling IN the hen house and basically making a very large ruckus. Nathan asked me if I had very carefully checked in the house, looked EVERYWHERE. I said I thought I had, but I would go look again. Because the hen house is not insulated, I have pushed cardboard in between some of the 2 x 4's to provide some sort of redneck insulation for the chickens. ...Wellll.. Somehow Quinn had gotten down behind one of those and was stuck. She made a rustley noise as I was in looking that final 100th time. Sooo.. out she came and into the yard. Now we had a quiet rooster. All along he was telling me to 'HEY STUPID--LOOKIE!! IN HERE!' Who says chickens are dumb? ;)

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