Wednesday, January 12, 2011


weeeellll, I did it, I took the plunge and bought a really nice incubator/hatcher set up. I figger if I am gonna be hatchin' these Call Duck eggs successfully, I better have some good equipment. :) Now I can't hardly wait for it to get here! lol!


  1. Hatching is just plain ADDICTING!!!

    My advice is get a new brooder bulb and lamp as soon as they are in the stores. Last year a lot of places ran out of them!

    I got a couple of storage tubs at GoodWill and I like the opague/clear one best as I can see in it from the side of it when sitting.

    Have fun! I can't wait til I can get started again!

  2. Hi Shar~I will definitely be picking up some extra brooder lights! Good idea. I will have to post a picture of our brooder when it's set back up. My husband and son built a nice one out of those tubs a year or two ago. It's from a clear one, they made a screen to go on top--we have cats--one likes to sleep ON the brooder as close to the lamp as she can get....she actually got INTO it and was curled up in the corner once, when I was changing the waters. Didn't want the chicks..just the heat... the other two will stretch out along the sides of the brooder. Cats lovin the heat! haha :)

  3. Which one did you get??? I want to see pictures when every thing is set up! Love the cat story!!

  4. Hey! how are you Sparkle? :) I got a Brinsea... with a humidity pump, because I need somehow to really regulate the humidity for the duck eggs.. so I am gonna give this a go. *crossing fingers*