Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have to thank my new friend for these totally AWESOME boxes. I will post pictures later this afternoon, but right now I have too many chores to do!! These boxes are 5 feet long, 14 inches deep and probably about 12 or so inches wide. I have many plans for them, but mostly using them to put my strawberries in. I thought I might try making a lil green house or two and try doing cantaloupes in one and maybe some other heat loving goodies that are so hard to grow in my yard. I am totally excited about these!! Thank you Friend!! :)

**well the day has slipped away, it has been a busy one. One of those that are necessary, running here, running there.. Those errands that keep the hearth and home running smoothly. But errands, nonetheless, that kept me away alllll daaaay! ich. SOooo.. pictures later, maybe this weekend. You don't want to see them all stacked up in the back of Farm Truck anyway, that's boring!**

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