Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to the Slug Saloon!

I have been battling slugs in my potatoes.. they LOVE the leaves! So Dad made a Slug Saloon for each of the potato corrals. He made openings towards the tops of a quart sized yogurt container.

And I put beer in them....

and nestled the little saloon down in the dirt. Easy to toss the drunken (dead) slugs out, and refill. So far it is working fabulously. ;)


  1. Which brand do the slugs prefer?

  2. lol~the old stale kind from the back of the fridge! :)

  3. Are the drunk-dead slugs OK to feed to ducks? I should totally do this. At our place it's the tomatoes the slugs adore.

  4. haha..hmmm I dunno Kimberly.. :) I was actually wondering this myself.... lol~might end up with staggering ducks? I usually dump the contents off in the bushes away from the yard.. the dog probably takes care of it and I don't even know it. Maybe that's why she has been sleeping so much~~~ ;)