Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signs of Spring!

Turning over beds. I love that my garden is small enough that I can do this by hand... If it were much bigger I don't think I would enjoy it as much! lol!

Little baby Maestro shelling peas--I have never grown shelling peas before and I am looking forward to having our own frozen peas.

How can you not smile at these little cuties? Waking up from their long Winter's nap.

The garlics are looking great. Planted these last fall.

parsnips left over from last summer. Was not sure what to do with them ever, and ended up just leaving them in the ground.. and viola--here they are again! ;)

Waking up blueberries

and baby spinaches.. mmmMMmmm I can't wait for fresh greens.

another left over surprise from last summer. Can't ever seem to get ALL the potatoes up, huh?

So.. I am trying something new with my potatoes this year--I am fencing them in! ;) My plan is to keep piling dirt on them .. or 'hilling' them. Last year, the chickens LOVED all the freshly hilled dirt and succeeded in uncovering most of the potatoes. I would just pick up the ones they exposed, but I would really like to try for higher yields....

and of course Spring means Amorousness... and lettuce in the bath water is very romantic.


  1. Mmmmmm. Peas. Good luck with those.

  2. :) I planted a LOT.. hopefully I can keep Garden Bug n Slug Patrol out of them. Maybe I will have extras......

  3. Oh I laughed so hard at your caption for the ducks- about lettuce in the water being romantic!
    Sweet farmy scenes like that just make my day! Thanks for sharing it with such wit.