Thursday, September 29, 2011


Voltron II has decided his old feathers must go. Unfortunately he was a major part of my entry to the CrossRoads of America Poultry Show in INDIANA~ dang dang dang. I would enter his brother ~ Henry ~ but Henry has been busy messin' around in the dirt and grass, breaking his beautiful foot feathering. I had put Voltron up off the ground on deep shavings (something I really really don't like doing...) in an effort to preserve those delicate feathers for this particular show. This show...It's a Big Deal. aw well.
I do still have a trio of the Calls going anyways.

Look how pretty we are staying!

We are hanging on to OUR feathers, why can't Voltron??

Molt Happens.... at seriously inopportune times.


  1. No kidding! I keep looking for dead bodies after a serious feather drop! They always seem to happen overnight. Sheesh.

  2. Ohhh, is *that* why our backyard looks like a pillow fight? Can this happen even when they just did feather out for the first time?

    And I'm sorry about Voltron - that has to be so frustrating! Best of luck with the other three at the show :-).