Thursday, October 13, 2011

Headed to Stevenson

Looking forward to seeing all my chicken friends this weekend! :)

Held at the very very beautiful Skamania County Fairgrounds. If you haven't been, it is well worth the drive. There's LOTS to do, aside from looking at all those gorgeous chickens and catching up with friends. Check out Multnomah Falls... or the Oneonta Tunnel.. actually, the Tunnel is only part of this stunning stop. There are no other signs for seeing the gorge that you will find if you hike a little and follow the Oneonta creek... *warning.. wet and slippery, but OH SO WORTH IT! :)

Oneonta Creek

Brave the log jam, and continue up into the gorge.. I didn't have time, and I had a car full of chickens, so this is as far as the boys and I made it.

Or .. explore any one of the other amazing views.. This area is also the remains of one of my favorite geological events to study.. the Great Lake Missoula Floods that formed the Scablands and Coulee's of Eastern Washington. Did you know that Portland was flooded by the water and the Willamette Valley was also formed by the huge repeated flooding? Pretty awesome stuff. You can just google 'Missoula Floods' and you will find loads of information.

Anyway~Hope to see you at The Show!

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