Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back from a WhirlWind Weekend

The trip for the Featherkins actually started the weekend of October 23rd.
I had to take my 3 cochins and 3 call ducks to my friend who would be transporting them back to Indiana for me. Their road trip would last them from Sunday till the upcoming Thursday evening when I would see them again to coop them in for their Big Weekend. They just got home yesterday, November 2nd. Talk about a long trip for them! lol! They were extremely happy to be home, the ducks immediately hopped into their pool to wash the road dust off and the cochins started piggin on the grass in their tractor. They will spend the next two weeks away from the rest of the flock 'Just in Case'. All in all, they made the trip really really well. They were in great hands There and Back again!

So, Crossroads happens once every 5 years or so.. give or take. It's a big production and takes a lot to put on.

For me, it was fun to meet people I had only been reading about or talking to via e mail or on the message boards. I resisted and did not bring back any birds but I made a lot of great connections.

There were many people from the PNW there ~ which was pretty neat. We had a good turn out of 'locals'.

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