Thursday, October 20, 2011

It was a Good Weekend

Getting ready to leave for The Show...
lol~ Don't think we could fit much more in the back of Joe! But we DID fit 15 ducks, 6 chickens and all the survival gear a teen needs for a weekend..... including~~a guitar. ;)

We drove in on Old Highway 30(Oregon side) for a bit. It's SO pretty. We didn't stop though. The ducks were rather displeased with their seating arrangement and pretty much quacked non-stop. We needed to get them into their coops. For our sanity.

Enjoying the view..

Visiting our poultry friends :)

This is the guy you wanna talk to about Iron Work. Very cool stuff. Farm signs anyone?

We heart Daffy!

Egg judging. We last minute decided to enter eggs. Our Aracauna, Susan, lays very consistent beautiful blue eggs. We placed third, one egg was just slightly bigger. It was fun, and will do it again.

Sally, placing Best Variety. The judge had written 'Very Nice' on her coop card. I talked to him later, after judging and he told me that if Sally were just a bit smaller, he felt she was a very good duck. I was super pleased to hear we are on the right track with our calls :) It's always fun to talk to the judges when they are done, I learn so much from them.

Diane, placing Reserve Variety. She is the Grand Dame of Bearfoot Hollow.

(photo courtesy of Bob Anderson PNPA) Mr. Mongold judging Table Top at the Serama Show. He is judging Romeo.

He did well! Champion of Show (Youth) and Champion Cock (Youth). Pixie also did good, taking Champion Hen (Youth).

Cochins held their own. Aria and Izzie taking BB/RB and BV/RV each.

Then we headed home along the very curvy Highway 14 (WA side). Just as beautiful as Highway 30.
Here we are stopped at Cape Horn.

And then home. Nobody captures the joy of Home like a Duck! ;)

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