Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sad news..

But probably to be expected with my inexperience... all but 3 of the 9 call duck eggs in the incubator died at some point. I believe it was from a temperature drop that was pretty drastic a few days ago, and improper humidity levels. So, Cameron and I keep a really close eye on that thermometer at this point and are crossing our fingers for these last three! I am trying something to help with the humidity, we will see if that works. I have a damp paper towel in there with the eggs. I might try a sponge as it gets closer to hatch time to keep levels up.. *crossing fingers* Hatch day for these guys is May 6th--which at this time seems like light years away!!

The duck eggs under the silkies are due to hatch next week--Monday or Tuesday-- Those eggs seem to be pretty healthy right now. :)

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