Sunday, April 25, 2010

Terrible luck with the incubator!

NONE of the eggs made it..
BUT.. the duck eggs under the silkies are all pipping, so I am very hopeful that some of those hatch out nicely. Call ducks are so hard to hatch!
So keep your fingers crossed for me that these little guys make it outa those eggs over the next few days!
I have also put several more eggs under the latest broody hens. Yay for broody hens! :D

so far, this morning before I left (4/26) there were THREE little cuties under Silkie #1
~woot woot!~

*****UPDATE 4/28****
Only 3 of the 8 eggs under the silkies hatched out and survived. What a challenge Calls are! But these little guys are so tiny and cute, they have been worth it. I learned several things for sure this go 'round. I'll put up pictures this weekend.

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