Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Spring stuff going on around the Holler...

Ignorance is bliss... or Call before you DIG... that fence post is awfully close to a gas line!!! oops....

Big Bird (our ONE standard chicken--she is a Light Brown Leghorn)

PLLLEEEEZE come feeeeed meee!

Here's Cam trying to sweet talk the babies to eat corn out of his hand... Tufty is unfortunately a roo, but he is going to a GREAT home very soon.. Black Bird will stay and be introduced to the main flock soon.. She will join Susan in laying beautiful blue eggs for us! :)

~~ getting ready to split our hive~~

The main hive.. it is doing well and is very strong this Spring... It's a little cool today, so the girls weren't flying much.

Here is the new hive..we have more supers to put on top as soon as the bees are ready. The original queen died, so we replaced her last Tuesday. So far everything seems to be doing ok.

Little Baby SPINACHES! :)

And little baby Snow peas!

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  1. I am so jealous of your baby veggies! My tiller gave out so haven't plowed yet this spring. I did start some beans... stand or no stand this summer that is the question!