Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Help or Not To Help

That is the billion dollar question ain't it??

It is natural to me to WANT to help, especially when I see something struggling.... And there always seems to be someone in the hatcher who struggles.

Lately I have forced myself to just sit on my hands and WATCH ~ holding my breath and whispering encouragement to the little fuzz ball trying so hard to make it out of the shell. And you know what? Watching has been just as helpful as anything. ;) Nature is finely detail oriented, and if I let her take her own course, She does the job, without me, quite well.

What I have learned in my 'vast' hatchin' experience. (ok, not vast at all, I was just being dramatic) but the more I help, the more unhealthy the chick will be. There has always been a reason for that chick not to hatch on it's own.

So now.. the only time I will step in, is if I notice that white membrane is too dry for the chick to continue zipping.. I will carefully moisten it.

..and watch..

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