Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sometimes the To-Do list is not my own

Sometimes.. someone else decides what must be done RIGHT NOW, no matter how much I would much rather be doing Other Things...
Last Sunday, a freakish gust of wind completely blew the Temporarily Permanent Goat Garage into the other side of the yard, making a huge ruckus and mess along it's merry way. Understand this thing has been in place for TWO years (hence, it's temporary permanence), completely staked into the ground and has survived MUCH worse wind gusts.. just sayin. I had other stuff I wanted to do.


Like settling the Strawberries down in their new home

Or putting in the Raspberries...

Or sharing with you pictures of baby tomatoes planted from seeds that my momma saved..
(I am really really excited that these came up!)

Or be amazed at how hugely fast the squash seeds have come up

But.. the goat girls were extremely happy to have their home 'fixed' up.. and no rain on their pretty white goatie fur. (goats melt in the rain you know)

Even though I would much rather have spent the time doing Other Things.

**Thankfully--no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post**


  1. Pilots mention similar freakish wind gusts. They call them microbursts. Maybe that's what got the TPGG....

    Soooooooo, how bout a few muffins for some tomato plants???

  2. that looks like a job to get it set right. We've been thinking of getting the same kind of structure for our goats. I was worried that it might get wind damaged too easy. Or that the goaties might nibble on the covering. I saw one built with cattle panel on the inside walls.

    Were your goats inside when the wind gust blew it over?

  3. of course.. I will trade tomatoes for muffins! ;)

    Michelle--yes, they were. They don't like any sort of nasty weather and were hiding out... the ducks also like to be in there. I can only imagine the surprise when their house blew away! lol! My dad is supposed to be coming over at some point in time to help me get started on a real goat barn.. which I am immensely looking forward to having.

    I have seen someone who used that same tarp carport and used pallets to make actual walls inside--it was pretty cool looking. In place of the tarp front, they used wood walls, with a barn type door. It appeared fairly sturdy. And pretty. ;)