Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boys will be Boys

It started with name calling from across the yard. Then it was Trash Talkin 'bout Yo Mama up close... Then... it was eyeball to eyeball through the fence. Blood was shed. Lots of it. Neither won, neither lost.

You see, I like to let the Cochins out of their tractors, one pair at a time, when I am home to supposedly keep an eye on things. (where was I anyway? Probably daydreaming). Well, AJ of the Cochin Coops and Voltron of the Main Yard thought they would square up with one another, just to see who might be Top Boy. Welllp, neither of them are-sorry to say-because Mr. Sir is King of the Yard and I don't know what HE was doing either during this... Maybe he thought if AJ took care of Voltron, that would be one less headache for him to deal with. Who knows, but I am sure he had a motive. Maybe he paid AJ to off that little brat.

AJ was easy to catch and clean up.

Voltron.. not so much. He really is a brat and pretty wild. I'm working on that. My husband and I chased him around the yard, we had him almost cornered when Voltron tried to make a break between my feet. I accidentally stepped on him. Voltron's day had just got a lot worse. BUT, lucky for him, he was only shocked--literally, I had to treat him for shock, dumb chicken. Nothing was broken.. for which I am relieved.

He is in the Sicken Kennel, in the Kitchen, complaining about the lousy food and no women. He is recoverin' nicely.

Little does he know, his Wild Boy days are over. He is going into a pen, (with a woman of course) so that I can handle him and work on his Table Top Skillz. He is gonna hate it.


  1. Is that a speckled sussex? How do you like them?

    Deirdre aka Hallerlake

  2. That is a Serama.. (Voltron) and AJ is the Mille Fleur Cochin. I love them both! They are both pretty mild mannered--towards people anyway. ;)

  3. Great story about those naughty boyz!

    Dana (aka Sadie Sue)

  4. everytime im in my backtard chasing a chicken im praying that none of the neighbors are looking over the fence haha ..that will teach him to run from you !

  5. lol~ Karen-- I know! Chasing chickens is almost like being caught doing The Spider Web Dance.. you know, where you have just walked through a web.. it's embarrassing! hahah ;)