Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everyone is happy all around

Had a nervous start to the week.
As I was leaving for work on Tuesday morning I heard a huge ruckus in the front yard. This is where my breeding cochins live in their tractors. "The Cochin Coops". I recognized Talon's panicked squawking --how goofy is that, to recognize your chickens sounds??-- ;) Anyway, I ran around to the front of the house to find two stray dogs in our yard!

One was an Australian Cattle dog and the other was a large black wolfish looking dog. The black dog immediately took off across the yards, but the little one was too intent on herding up Talon and Sheryl. I yelled at them to GO ON OUTTA HERE! and they took off.. or so I thought. I HAD to leave for work.

Luckily my son was home from school, so I thought he would be able to keep an eye on things for me.

My husband texted me later in the morning telling me he had also chased the dogs off himself as HE was leaving for work. This set me into full blown panic mode -- imagining all kinds of awful at home--I tried to call Cameron. Being the teen that he is, he was still in bed at 10:30 and I could NOT wake him up. Dratted kid. I hit redial on the phone a hunnert times in a desperate attempt to rouse the dead. 'Cause you KNOW if he can't hear the flippen phone in the house, he isn't hearing the chaos going on outside. AN HOUR of this, and he sleepily asks 'what's up momma?' I will not tell you the things I said to my son, my pride and joy... ;)

Anyway, he got up and checked on everyone.. caught the cattle dog who was making a HUGE nuisance of herself, and tied her up with some food and water. The wolf dog was too shy to get near, and I told him to keep it that way. Tying up the lil dog kept him around and kept her out of mischief. I called all the animal control places near me, as well as the nearest veterinary hospital, leaving descriptions of them. I also listed them as FOUND on craigslist--gotta love that thing right?

Someone finally called on them Wednesday afternoon, desperately hoping I still had said doggies in my possession. YES YES YES--PLEASE go get them ASAP... which he did.



  1. What a great site. Look forward to sharing more of your adventures.

  2. :) thank you Greenearth. I am glad you enjoyed the stories..