Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day!

We are having a beautiful, lazy snow day here. My son is home from school.. the fire's goin', snow flakes are falling... Love It!

I'll take some pictures later today, and post them.

The play of light across the snow is always so pretty..

Winter Trees

Most of the chicken gang hanging out on the straw


Miss Val

Spring is trying so hard to be here!!

Waiting for birds...

The daphne is just starting to wake up


  1. I've enjoyed pictures and commentary on your chickens and ducks (and dreaming about having my own someday!). What kind of bird is Miss Val?? That picture totally stopped me in my tracks - I've never seen anything like her!

  2. Hi Danielle~

    I am glad you are enjoyin' the blog :) It's fun!

    Miss Val (short for Valentine or Valley Girl) is a White Crested Polish. She has a bit too much black in her crest to be one of The Show Chickens, but she is a darn good layer and has a great hair-do! lol! Plus~she makes me smile every time I watch her.

    Hope you get your dream of chickens/ducks one day soon :) they are tons of fun and you'll never have a dull moment! ;)