Monday, February 28, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

It's snowing. Again. Big Fat Flakes are floating down. *sigh* I DO love snow, don't get me wrong. But I am ready to be out in the garden, digging in the dirt and watching things grow. I want to watch chicks play in the grass for the first time! I want to finish my goat pasture fencing! ug!

I just ordered new raspberry and strawberry plants last night. I hope I will be able to get them in the ground when they get here! The berries I bought are Tulameen Raspberries and Shuksan Strawberries. Both kinds are supposed to do well in the PNW, and especially in my yard of poor drainage. AND they are not patented or trademarked or whatever. :-/ As tempting as the new Puget Summer strawberries were to us, they are patented. And literally this means you can't grow your own plants from the runners, you can't share your extra plants with other gardeners and on and on and on. How ridiculous is that?? Not only is it ridiculous, it's scary. And that is a whole OTHER conversation.

So for now.. I will just keep dreaming of Spring, leafing through the seed catalog and sketching and re-sketching the goat 'barn', and watch those fat flakes fall to the ground. :)


  1. From a duck's perspective, the puddles we had here yesterday were like a reminder that winter won't last forever.

    Raspberries are wonderful to have growing in your own backyard. I started with two little plants just a few summers ago & now have two huge patches that have to be thinned out. I am appreciating them even more this winter as I feed the dried tops to the goats & see how much they enjoy them.
    Good for you for finding strawberry t plants that you can be shared.

  2. We had 3 plants .. and last summer 2 of them pretty much died back. I think the mole dug under them and killed off the roots. :-/ I did get enough to freeze for the winter though, and that was nice. *whew*!

    I like your duck's perspective!! ;)